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  • Matt Deslatte

Winterizing Your Home

Louisiana winters can be mild, but over the past few years we have had to deal with freezing temperatures that shut down our city. If you're not prepared, your plumbing pipes can freeze and burst, causing costly damage to your home. 

Here are some tips on how to properly prepare your plumbing pipes for winter in Louisiana:

Drain and Disconnect

Frozen water can expand and burst the pipes, so the first step to preventing this is to close the shut off valve for your outdoor faucets and drain all of your outdoor pipes. If you have any hoses connected to the faucets, be sure to drain and disconnect and store them. 

If you have an irrigation system, you will want to disconnect and drain this system as well. Some irrigation systems can be complex, so you may want to consult your installer.

Insulate your pipes.

Insulating exposed outdoor pipes and faucets can prevent them from freezing. 

Outdoor Faucet Cover. Outdoor faucet covers are inexpensive and easy to use. Slip over your outdoor faucet and slide the string until it is properly fitted.

Foam Foil Tape. Wrap any exposed pipe with foam foil tape. 

Inside the House

The Insurance Institute recommends keeping your home heated to 65 degrees. Pipes in your walls will be colder than the walls, keeping your house at at least 65 degrees should help keep interior pipes from freezing.

Identify areas that may be colder in our home and make sure everything is secure, such as closing your garage door and fireplace flue if you are not using your fireplace.

Don’t forget about your attic! It’s important to check the pipes in your attic for exposure since there is not a lot of heat in the attic.

If you have a drip and freeze detector be sure to check and make sure the batteries are working.

**EXPERT TIP 💡 Leave your doors and cabinet doors open to allow warm air to circulate throughout your house.

Does Dripping Work?

Yes! Dripping your faucets adds an extra protection to frozen pipe prevention. The small trickle of moving water helps relieve pressure from the build up of frozen water. 

Pipe Inspection

Small leaks can cause major problems so you may want to have your pipes inspected before the next big freeze comes upon us. Have your pipes inspected by a licensed plumber and be proactive about your plumbing maintenance. 

If you are not comfortable with checking the pipes in your attic or winterizing your home, call Trinity Plumbing and schedule an appointment. Ask about our Winterizing Special:

  1. Check for leaks

  2. Wrap exposed pipes in the attic

  3. Wrap exposed outdoor pipes

  4. Drain and turnoff outdoor pipes for the winter

What Happens if Your Pipes Burst?

It is critical to minimize damage as soon as possible if your pipes burst.

  1. Locate your water supply valve to your home and cut it off immediately. 

  2. Turn on faucets to help relieve pipes of pressure from frozen water.

  3. Call a plumber to check for unseen damage and help thawing out pipes.

**EXPERT TIP 💡If attempting to thaw out pipes on your own do not use an open flame.

If you need help locating your water supply to your house and winterizing your home please call Trinity Plumbing so we can help you prepare for winter.

Want more information? 

Read this article in our local Advocate Feature our owner and Master Plumber, Matt Deslatte.

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